If you intend to use your air conditioning unit frequently very soon, then do some maintenance checks on it first. You must at least clean all its components before firing it up. Doing so will ensure a smoother and more efficient operation. Maintenance checks also allow you to find potential problems with it and perform adequate repairs before using it all day throughout the summer months.  

Breakdowns in air conditioning units usually happen when the days are the hottest. This is because it’s the time of the year when the air conditioning is running frequently. That’s the reason why summer is the peak season for Naples AC repair service. So if you’re going to call them for emergency repairs at such time, you can expect to pay extra. But don’t worry. You can avoid that headache by following the tips below.   

  1. Clean the condenserunit.

The condenser pertains to the unit installed outside your home. Do note that it needs cleaning too. But before doing anything with it, be sure that the power is turned off and that the circuit breaker is shut off. Once those are done, remove all debris that collected in the unit. If there are plants and shrubs near it, cut them. Clear out all debris to ensure that nothing restricts airflow. 

  1. Ensure that the condenser fins are working.

The fan effectively works to bring air into your air conditioning unit via the fins. If debris and leaves are caught in the condenser fins, then the airflow gets obstructed. It will also bend the fins, which further reduces the condenser’s efficiency.  

To clean these fines, use vacuum hose attachments with soft bristles. Straighten the fins using a thin screwdriver. There are also tools available in DIY stores for such a purpose and they’re called fin combs. 

  1. Check theindoorair conditioning system 

To clean and maintain the indoor air conditioning unit, remove the fan from its screws and place it aside. You should be able to access the unit’s interiors now. Use the specified vacuum attachment to remove large debris stuck in the mechanism. If your air conditioning system is new, there’s no need to use oil for cleaning because they are made with sealer compressors. However, if it is an older unit, you’ll have to find the lubrication fittings. After cleaning the unit, wait for five minutes before starting it.  

  1. Find the evaporator.

Evaporators are usually located downstream from the air conditioning system’s blower, usually near the ductwork. To access them, you have to remove the air filters first. Once the air filters are removed, it’s easier to vacuum the evaporators using some narrow attachment. However, be extra careful with the fins. Do not bend them. There’s a drain hose near evaporators because it’s where the air gets cooled.   

These are some of the things that you have to check to clean and maintain your air conditioning unit. If you need help any of these processes, don’t hesitate to hire trusted air conditioning technicians near you.